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Sheri Muse

Libra Sun | Leo Moon | Scorpio Rising

Life Tarot Card | The Lovers

Dosha | Pitta/Kapha

I am a strong believer in seeing the magic in all things and says the word way too much. Rebellious by nature and a natural born connector, I feel the world intuitively.

I am a creative, mystic misfit, constant seeker and forever student. Big L love driven, gratitude practicing, energetics obsessed, wings on Yogini and dedicated practitioner.

I am dedicated to working in both the shadows and the light. I believe in creating a balance between both the masculine (sun) and feminine (moon) aspects in our life and establishing personalized tools and practices to match your own Journey Magic.

My other obsessions include (but are not limited to) travel, taking sky photos, 70s design, living room dancing and dogs.

How to connect with me:

One on One Coaching

Workshops and Group Work

Group Travel (coming soon)

Private Yoga Classes

Yoga Class Teaching

Tarot Readings

Event and Start Up Business Consulting

Online Programs and Offerings

Panels, Speaking and Podcast Interviews.

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Get Your Wings On


I hope to

inspire you…

On your path and to provide as many tools as possible to support your practice and continually illuminate your own special shine to soar.

I often use the term “Wings On” because the butterfly was an energy that I connected to a lot in my own transformation. So, when I felt like the mud started to subside, I often likened it to getting my wings on. It really felt that way.

Yes, I even got the tattoo.

No Mud, No Lotus

- Thich Nhat Hanh

In Depth Insights

Business Beyond the Woo

Purpose discovery and professional and business guidance are all very much in my knowledge sphere. As a kid I always had a keen sense for business practices. My sister still complains about how boring dinner was with my Father and I discussing current business happenings. I have spent countless years honing my business management skills reaching director level, working for years with early stage entrepreneurs and event direction of all sizes. Nowadays I tend to translate my skills into finding the ways to hone in on that sweet spot between what lights you up and and your unique capacity/offering, getting set up for success with simple systems and how to fix the gap between doubt and stepping into power. I am especially drawn to creative entrepreneurs and people in the healing world but can serve any professional path. I constantly study new practices and trends. In Tantra they say that you have to earn what you need to be joyful and fulfilled in this world, so liken that to the practice of abundance and financial success as well.

Yogi Minds Tricks

One of my favourite holy shifting hacks I like to call Yogi Mind Tricks. It’s the cosmic version of retraining your brain. It helps to create new neural pathways to replace the old stories. There’s an array of ways to do this kind of Journey Work but this is easily the number one tool that I use.

Heal the Self, Heal the Collective

My own long healing journey allowed me to live by the “heal it so you can teach it” ethos. It inspired me daily to believe in honouring the dark and light parts of the path and recognizing the magic in it all. My grandmother used to remind me to see the sparkle in all things, so I guess that means I am carrying forward a legacy. Heal the self, heal the collective is a very Tantric approach to the journey process and one that I am dedicated to.

I don’t speak too openly about the shadow part of my being, as seeing a long list of heaviness I lived for so long out in the ether is hard for me. I also don’t identify as often as possible with titles but reality is reality and sometimes definitions help provide clarity in the process. Lastly, I won’t get into the causes/traumas of these challenges I have faced because I paid enough money in therapy to not have to rehash them again and again.

For the sake of understanding the depth of the dark space I had to climb out from and the reasons why I am so passionate about the power of a toolkit, here are some of the shadows I have had to move through and brought to light: Depression with dark/suicidal thoughts starting as an early teen, anxiety, panic attacks, being a very sensitive empath, addictive behaviour, extreme self judgement, anger, boundary issues especially as it related to love, fragmented personas, body disconnection, people pleasing, being a fixer, bad relationships with money, escapism and ADHD discovered late in life.

Okay phew, that was a hard list to make but an important one. When I am faced with a challenge, lesson or samskara/karma that I need to soften and let go of or honour, I get into this laser focus mode. I then do a ton of research. I seek teachers, teachings and resources and solve it in my own life with tools and systems that I can happily now share.

I always say, you have to see it to fix it.


Being a constant student, humbled by my many teachers and the vastness of what there is yet to learn, I study in the Sri Vidya Tantric Himalayan Yoga tradition. It is a system of practice that combines Hatha yoga, Ayurveda and Tantra (not the sexy kind but I am down for gathering good Yoni Shakti knowledge too), and it really works. It takes ancient practices from a very complete living tradition to create a fulfilled life on this earth while we are here; Not in some ether out there for later. I also pepper it with a heavy dose of non linear divine feminine teachings as well.

Life is about balance and also fullness. Add to that all the practical magic study and research I have done over the years and will continue to do until I am no longer on this earth. As a result, I have a pretty rad mix of tools to share. Oh, and I am currently studying Soul Tarot with Lindsay Mack. .

I really enjoy learning the science behind things so can always explain the esoteric in very direct terms. Not everyone speaks magic. I was not a science or biology ‘A’ student by any means, but am trying as hard as I can to understand it all from that perspective to share it.

One last thing, I obsess over the connections between the different systems, religions, sciences and modalities and how we all come from this one grand thing. If we understand the connections, it makes it easier to honour and connect to the vast array of practices right for you.

My Third Eye is Strong.

My guiding intuition and obsession with both the subtle and practical aspects of shifting and healing modalities continues to always keep me focused on “the matrix”, as I call it. That dimension that allows us to be guided by the signs, the guides and the internal voice we all are born with and can cultivate. Intuition is probably the number one tool to guide you on your path. I use Tarot and Oracle cards as well in the process to further connect you to your Soul’s Journey Magic. The card process is about connecting you to your inner knowing and providing clarity, it already exists within you, I am here to serve as your guide.

I am happy to help you tap in to your inner knowing as a profound tool ready for you…plus it’s fun. The signs really light up your life.

Celebration is the Highest Form is Gratitude

I am learning more and more that fostering gratitude and pleasure moments in life actually rewires your brain and endocrine system for good. So, I use this term a lot. Gratitude is one of my number one practices to retrain your brain (yogi mind tricks!). Be warned, you will likely get this as homework from the get go if you don’t have an established practice.

I also have a great a knack for curating experiences and have done so professionally for many years. I’m known for throwing great parties as well. I hope these skills will translate into travel adventures, creating impact, conscious business, collaborations, online programs and more.

Everything is Energy

We are all connected through the elements, through Mamma Earth, Prana/vital life force, the cosmos and how to move and use energy to heal and grow. I obsessively study these different aspects so that the subtle layers are being recognized as much as the gross.

A Natural Born Connector

This is one of my gifts in this world. I love connecting people and finding the connections between all things. Whether it’s how the energetic systems and practices are similar across different systems to the beauty of sacred geometry. It’s all important to the journey.

Want to learn more about how I can be of service to you?