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Gifts created especially for you and your journey.

Sent with love directly to your mailbox.

Love Mail, Please.

Journey Magic Gifts are an offering that celebrate that moment when you see your name on an envelope and savour the discovery in the unpacking, but with a special twist.

I have always wanted to create this experience I love so much, in service to others.

In this case, I am curating a personalized kit of Journey Magic goodies for you. Created with the intention of highlighting and honouring where you are on your path, while levelling up your toolkit.

How fun will it be to pop open a package curated especially for you with magic surprises?

So, How Does it Work?


1. Let’s Get Connected

Start by filling out the online questionnaire I created to get to know you and your journey. It’s the same one I use for one on one offerings, so gifts are also met with that level of care and connection.


2. Gift Curation.

Intentionally and intuitively crafted and each one unique for you. Gifts can include love notes, practice suggestions, crystals, candles, sacred smoke tools, colouring sheets, tarot or oracle cards, aromatherapy, travel market goodies and more.

Whatever calls to me for you!


3. Receive!

Open, enjoy and integrate the gifts!

Share your experience and any thoughts you have about the gift.

Hint, hint….This also makes an amazing gift for someone you love.


Learn more about Journey Magic here.