𓁺Intuitive Readings𓁺

I offer Intuitive readings that provide insight and clarity on your soul's journey.

I create the space to guide the message and calls that exists within you.

I use both Oracle and Tarot decks and choose intuitively what to use for each reading. If it calls, I also sometimes provide tools to support your journey after the reading that I refer to as (soul) homework.

Read more in this blog post about my process and why I think Tarot is so good for the soul.

Here are a few ways for us to connect:

  • Groups: Get some friends together and I’ll come pull cards for you while you celebrate or hang out.**

  • Special events: anything from birthday parties and festivals to corporate incentive.**

  • As a gift: want to purchase something special for a friend? This is a pretty magical gift if you ask me.**

  • In store/studio readings: I can come to your retail establishment or yoga studio as a unique offering for an afternoon or evening.**

  • 1:1: offered online only for now.

**Reach out to me directly via my contact page to book these options.

Short reading $44/Full reading $88. Send me a note to get started or go ahead and book a time with me.

I’ll honour a 10% referral discount for you and a friend on a first reading.