The Tarot Journey and Why It's so Darn Good for the Soul


Having just completed Lindsay Mack’s Soul Tarot Course and my very first public event last weekend at Art House Cafe, where I read for 11 lovely people, it seemed like an opportune time to chat about all things intuitive readings today.

P.S. I’m also at GaiaFest for two days this coming weekend!

I started playing around with cards several years ago. At the time it was truly just for fun. I believe the first deck I ever purchased was the Fairy oracle deck by Doreen Virtue. Then my life was a prism of crystals and new age chakra goodness, so par for the course. To be honest, likely my second deck was the Angel one which I still use to this day followed by Osho Zen Tarot. That being said the call to the cards took shape and form over the years of pulling for friends and family at dinners, get togethers or coffee shop catch ups. It was moments of hey, want to bring your cards? Then you sit with the cards in front of you and they start to divulge a story. As the years went on I started to see that wait, they really are speaking to me, to my journey and even more so, to the journey of the people I am pulling cards for. Seeing the look on people’s faces and the energy shifts when you touch on something that their soul has been questioning started to grow into something je ne said quoi, is special.

It happens once, happen twice…and it no longer seems like a coincidence or some out there in the cosmos magic.

So, fast forward a bunch of these in person moments and readings for fun insight. I started to see that when I used Tarot, although it spoke to me, there were holes. I couldn’t quite get past some places intuitively or the cards I knew couldn’t open up to me as they have the potential to because I didn’t know the whole picture. The Archtypes were calling me to learn them more so we could speak the same language to serve others.

Well, that was an interesting call.

It wasn’t just a call to the cards after all, it was a call to stepping into the power - both mine as a reader and to the ancient lineage based wisdom of this tool.

No big deal.

So as I sat contemplating this next step, Linsday Mack announces Soul Tarot school registration. I said to my mom, I would love to study with this person, like numero one on the list of teachers. She just brings Tarot to light in such a resonant way…but I said, I bet it’s going to be really expensive (note: my ego already keeping me safe with a block).

Keep in mind, I am in the middle of a 300HR Yoga training as well as travelling overseas in a month to be fair! So I go check the pricing and it’s totally accessible and she offers instalment options. Well, that’s no longer a hurdle. The biggest hurdle? ME! You would think the stars are aligning at this point, right? Fuck ya, but every cell in my body was putting the brakes on me. Took me a month of deep angst to sign up. I often say the bigger the shift, the bigger the resistance but fuck, this one was major. So I signed up, I didn’t know what shifts were to come but they happened immediately. As we moved through each major and minor card in the deck, I was being asked to heal on a level I hadn’t encountered in a very long time. That shit ran deep. So I can SHOW UP deeply for you. It was intense af, I won’t lie. I changed in a way that I am so grateful for and know why those protectors showed up toute suite too.

So let me talk a little about the card reading experience in a couple of points, how I read, what to expect when you sit with me and how you can use cards as well in your own practice!

  1. What Tarot is and is not: My belief when it comes to Tarot/Oracle is that it’s a tool to create clarity and connection to your soul and heart’s journey. Namely your capacity to move through the many twists on the path with insight and a increased resilience. Sometimes when you can see a little more clearly, when that light shines on the moment of inquiry, you can traverse whatever stage with more ease. Not to say you are avoiding the shadows on the way, just traveling through with increased awareness. Make sense? I am not a clairvoyant psychic, I will not predict your next travel vacation destination, sorry! Maybe the cards can tell us though what you may need to work on the get there or through the next stage, and your gifts that can shine on the way. That is my gift, to hear and see what to trust, ultimately your inner voice and what shines and mirrors to me for you to shine. If that makes sense…I think this process is a tremendous gift and it’s pretty amazing to watch it unfold.

  2. A couple of easy self practice tips: I believe when you show up as a teacher you are here to empower others to take the path themselves. We all have the gifts. Maybe that’s my traditional yoga training, but that idea is to create more practitioners than more students in the world. Here are two quick tips you can use at home to start this practice yourself.

    1. You can take a meaningful card you would like to manifest the energy of like Strength for instance- and keep it on your altar as a daily reminder and intention for embodiment or healing.

    2. You can pull cards at high magic moments like during moon cycles and transition times to see what comes up for you as you create intention. I like to pull three cards (past, present and future) and add a fourth for clarity as my go to style but you can experiment with what works for you. I like this one because it’s simple and it speaks volumes. I believe you start to see the connections between all things. I like daily pulls sometimes but find they take me out of my intuitive/internal voice rather than complimenting it.

  3. How I can serve you? Well, as I mentioned I really read to compliment your soul and heart’s journey. I offer in person and online sessions. When we connect my Yoga background guides me a little in how we open space. I like to take a moment to breathe, get centered and make sure that you are grounded and present. Helps me as well! We then can call in your guides or whatever you believe can be present to help bring the messages forth. If that part isn’t for you, that’s cool, we can make it a silent intention. We then open the space for gratitude and your highest good to come through and off we go. I will ask what you are seeking guidance for and see what deck calls on this journey. It’s nice to know you and feel into your energy a little as we begin. Whether it’s a short or long reading the intention is the same. We co-create the experience so asking questions and sharing along the way is totally part of the process. If things come up that I can share practices or tools for you, I may send you home with a little homework aka soul work!

I am realizing more and more what a lovely and lit up process intuitive card reading is to highlight your shine. I would be so honoured to read for you.

Here are a few ways for us to connect:

  • Groups: Get some friends together and I’ll come pull cards for you while you celebrate or hang out.**

  • Special events: anything from birthday parties and festivals to corporate incentive.**

  • As a gift: want to purchase something special for a friend? This is a pretty magical gift if you ask me.**

  • In store/studio readings: I can come to your retail establishment or yoga studio as a unique offering for an afternoon or evening.**

  • 1:1: offered online only for now.

**Reach out to me directly via my contact page to book these options.

Short reading $44/Full reading $88. Send me a note to get started or go ahead and book a time with me.

Questions? Curious to know more about the process? Don’t be shy to reach out. Don’t be shy to share with a friend. I’ll honour a 10% referral discount for you and your friend if you do.