Thanks For the Kind Words.

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“Sheri is one of the most intuitive people I’ve ever worked with. I felt she created a safe space for me to be open to receiving the messages from the universe. As a person, Sheri rocks! She’s done the work herself and she emanates love and understanding. I would never hesitate to book a reading with her!”
— Hannah M

“ Sheri is my favourite! She puts a unique, light hearted twist on yoga and spirituality without watering down the deep rooted meaning. Her workshops are filled with little surprises and concrete resources, the attention to detail is amazing. Her fresh approach is exactly what I needed in my personal healing journey. “
— Corinne B

I love being able to connect with Sheri. She has a beautiful way of listening to your stories and connecting them to concrete ideas (ayurvedic, yogic, cosmic or energetic) that are clear and just makes sense. I’m always left with a curiosity to know more. She has an amazing way of painting a clear picture that is so easy to understand because the picture is your life.... in colour!
— Heather A

I participated in Sheri’s first ‘Get Your Wings on Girl’ workshop this past winter. I’ve also seen and been following Sheri around town in various yoga and wellness events and on social media. Sheri has deep wisdom, humor and warmth and she is able to create inclusive, welcoming space for anyone. She has loads of insight and is able to creatively speak to parts of me that have been hidden for so long. I can connect with spiritual teachings and ability to create meaning in everything she does. To top it off, her branding and marketing strategy is on POINT. I can’t wait to see how Sheri’s message continues to unfold. We are lucky to have Sheri in our community.
— Mel T
Meeting Sheri is one of the greatest gifts I have received. We connected over social media then real life over events and workshops she offered. She quickly became someone I am grateful to call a friend and also a mentor. She gave me incredible perfectly timed and honest guidance and homework in regards to business and personal outlook and growth, as well as personal pratice. Her intuition is spot on and delivered out of truth and love. She brings refreshing ways to appreciate and soak in and question old teachings and traditions. Her offerings, events, workshops, and shop are all curated with pure intentions and love.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me and sharing yourself with me ♡
— Melanie S