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Get Your Wings On

Curated Journey Magic guidance to meet you exactly where you are on your path.

You have to believe we are magic.

- Olivia Newton John

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You Are The Catalyst

This is your practice to build.

To bridge the gap between your fear and your magic.

To also release blocks and limiting beliefs.

I want you to breathe well as much as succeed.

Build habits you need.

To get clear about your truth, healing and purpose.

To assimilate techniques into your life simply.

To tap into your intuition and inherent capacity to shine.

Foster a good relationship with self love, sex and your body.

I’ll share all the things that lit up my path and have taken time to study and explore.

From energetics to Yoga to Practical Magic to professional guidance and gratitude practices.

It’s different for everyone’s needs.

Sometimes we’ll chat, sometimes we’ll practice and sometimes you’ll get a gift in the mail.

It’s all part of the experience that I’m so excited to share.

We are already complete. All we need is the clarity to recognize the wholeness that is us.
— Yogarupa Rod Stryker

Weaving together experience to serve your journey.

I offer:

Intuitive guidance

Toolkit building

Integrative Yogic tools, practices and teachings

Meditation practices with practical applications

Advancing your personal practice

Applicable energetic/element/Yoga/Ayurvedic tools

Pranayama techniques

Practical Magic integration

Tarot/Oracle card pulls

Professional and start up stage business guidance

Event and workshop consulting

Purpose and passion discovery and integration

Practice a little every day.
Focus on what lights you up.
Dream bigger than you ever imagined.
— Sheri Muse

Love Note: I am not a therapist.

I will always highly recommend and encourage you to seek professional help in this process.. This process is not a substitute nor will it ever be treated as such.

I would also refer you or provide references for exploration outside of my modality and knowledge sphere . I would rather you connect and gain the benefit of someone excelling in their field of knowledge and magic. You are the catalyst and the right tools and teachers come when call for them. If I can help guide you in that direction, I would consider that a tremendous gift.


Let’s build your path together.

To start the process, you will fill out a questionnaire and sign a contract as a commitment to yourself on this journey.

Sessions run between 60-90 min. depending on what you sign up for. We will communicate via Skype or in person locally where applicable. We will start each session by tuning in together and getting centered.

Next we will check in.

This can be to review a past session and homework or start painting a fresh picture. We may pull cards depending on what calls to us or if you added on a full reading to your order. Practice if needed - Yoga, guided meditation and pranayama are all on the table to weave the experience together.

Once done, we then close the session together and the sacred space we have created.

Post Session:

I’ll send you a summary with any recommendations and resources we chatted about.

A gift or any resources discussed will be sent as well.

Ready to connect and make magic? Still curious? Book a chat in with me.

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