Journey Magic Mini Gift Set


Journey Magic Mini Gift Set

from 55.00

Intentionally and intuitively crafted and each one unique for you. Gifts sets can include love notes, practice suggestions, crystals, candles, sacred smoke or cleansing tools, colouring sheets, tarot or oracle cards pulls, aromatherapy, crystal grids, altar add ons, travel market goodies and more.

Whatever calls to me for you!

This mini version will still pack some lovingly guided punch and excitement.

Expect one to two curated items in this set to get your started.

Gifts sets are:

  • Gifts that grows with you

  • Help you build a practice

  • Each time a surprise.

  • Intuitively and intentionally crafted and curated just for you.

Sent in Divine Time.

Enjoy the unpacking.

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Note: If you ordered the set of 3, I will send in a surprise and intuitively guided timeline, no later than 4 months after purchase.

Is this a present for a loved one? Let us know at check out.

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