I couldn’ t find just one word to describe this broadly spiritual/yogi/mystic/magic/practice/toolkit driven lifestyle. I used to just call it just Yoga or Spirituality but in my heart it felt limited, so I came up with Journey Magic (okay, two words) to join all the forces: the systems, energetics, practices and practical tools.


It’s all about having the right tools at the right time on your journey.

Seems a bit ambitious?
Maybe, but that’s how I roll.

I like to remove the walls, the blocks, and the linear thoughts to uncover the deeper connections between all things. That’s how we can heal and show up in this world honouring our journeys with all the right tools and highlight our innate lit up truths.

Journey Magic actually showed up to me in a very powerful meditation a couple of years ago. I woke up from it and was like “Huh? Journey Magic? Okay... That was pretty loud but now to figure out what it is.”

So what is it?

This whispery call to my heart kept saying '“Everyone is on a UNIQUE and SPECIAL path, so the tools to guide and heal should be unique to you as well.”

It’s about being able to tap in; connecting to guides and signs with understanding, listening to the right teachings and tools at the right time with a discerning mind, creating rituals/habits that serve where you are at a given time, and working consistently with practical energetics and magic.

It’s an empowered system of practice.

It’s a catalyst for clarity and ease.

It’s building a system that hits hOMe in that all knowing Heart Centre and gets you there as well.

From crystals to Yogic and personal development tools to working with the energetics and the elements, Journey Magic connects the dots to serve you. The Journey is about honouring each step on the path. The Magic is the system that honours that path.

I’ve learned so much about the right practice at the right time. About being aware of the signs and trusting the inner knowing and the Universe and the Divine.

It’s why I am so passionate about sharing this and believe in empowering your Journey Magic.